Atmos., 121,13180-13203, doi:10.1002/2016JD025531], we reported accurate water vapor absorption continuum measurements by Cavity Ring-down 


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Compare band absorption, line absorption. Thus, absorption by the water vapor continuum represents some, but not all, of the absorption by water vapor. PPPS. This history of infra-red astronomy shows that we have to get up above 3 km in a dry part of the world in order to see infra-red light from outer space. Measurements, made in different laboratories, of absorption by water vapor in microwave windows are compared with models for the water vapor continuum.

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Infrared continuum absorption by atmospheric water vapor in the 8-12-microm window. Appl Opt. 1976 Sep 1;15(9):2085-90. doi: 10.1364/AO.15.002085. THE WATER-VAPOR CONTINUUM ABSORPTION IN THE MID-INFRARED WINDOWS AT TEMPERATURES FROM 311 K TO 363 K · View/Open · Creators: · Issue  The water vapor continuum absorption is an excess absorption that is The transmission of broadband terahertz radiation through pure water vapor as well as  INFRARED CONTINUUM ABSORPTION BY ATMOSPHERIC. WATER VAPOR IN THE 8-12 um WINDOW.

The pure water-vapor continuum absorption in the 2.88 to 5.18μm spectral region has been measured using a Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer at a resolution of 0.1cm−1.

A line shape model has been developed to study the continuum absorption of microwave radiation by water vapor. The model was tested in the spectral region below 30 cm^{-1}, by comparison with the experimental spectrum of Ryadov, Zhevakin, and Furashov^1. The model includes the effect of the finite duration of collision, far line contribution, and the effect of overlapping lines.

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Continuum absorption by water vapor

Water vapor plays the dominant role in the propagation of mm and THz electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, since it has several thousand rotational absorption lines from the mm wave range through the terahertz region up to 5 THz. Also, oxygen gas has a cluster of approximately 25 overlapping lines at 60 GHz and a single line at 120 GHz.

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Yu.I. Baranov, W.J. Lafferty, The water-vapor continuum and selective absorption in the 3–5μm spectral region at temperatures from 311 to 363K, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2011.01.024, 112, 8, (1304-1313), (2011). 1998-07-01 Absorption coefficient of the water vapor was obtained in laser measurements in Ref. 1 in spectral region 930 - 990 cm 1 at temperatures from 263 K to 300 K. In this paper, the water vapor selective absorption in this spectral region is calculated and subtracted from the experimental data 1 to determine the 'experimental' continuum absorption. Continuum absorption calculated using some Water Vapor Continuum Absorption in the Microwave Vivienne H. Payne, Eli J. Mlawer, Karen E. Cady-Pereira, and Jean-Luc Moncet Abstract—The accurate modeling of continuum absorption is crucial for the so-called window regions of the spectrum, the relatively transparent regions between lines.
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Continuum absorption by water vapor

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derive quantitative results from molecular line and dust continuum data, such as detectability of the absorption troughs in the SED of bright GRBs derived from 2006, Detection of Water Vapor in the Stratosphere of Jupiter with the Odin.
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The first two corrections involve an improved fit to the pure water vapor continuum absorption together with the elimination of the atmospheric broadened continuum term. Finally, and most critically, a strong measured temperature dependence must be included in the water vapor continuum absorption coefficient.

Continuum Absorption by Water Vapor in the 8–12 and 3–5 µm Atmospheric Transparency Windows T. E. Klimeshina a , Yu. V. Bogdanova b , and O. B. Rodimova a Water vapor absorption coefficients, obtained earlier within the framework of the asymptotic theory of line wings, are used for calculation of the continuum absorption in the frequency region between 0 and 3500 cm−1.