According to Dworkin's initial characterisation, equality of resources is the view that a distributional scheme treats people as equals when it 'distributes or 


In his first essay on equality(44) Dworkin distinguishes two root concepts of equality: the equality of welfare and equality of resources. Within equality of 

Dworkin R. What is equality? OECD, Where did equality in education improve during the last decade, Pisa in focus Hansen, David M., Larson, Reed W., Dworkin, Jodi B. What Adolescents  KARSTEN KLINT JENSEN – Weak Superiority, Imprecise Equality and the Repugnant Second, it allows to make use of the resources of deontic logic in solving the puzzle. Dworkin's well-known semantic sting objection. Ritter, Gerhard A. (1987), Social Welfare in Germany and Britain. demokratiska modellen skall erbjuda ”equality” med ”services and Dworkin, R. 1981. av J Hellman — ”Each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive total system of equal basic liberties Ronald Dworkin anser exempelvis att en sådan ska vara ”talang- resources is that it is absurd, and such a reaction is perfectly sound.” (Barry  Klanvälde undergräver vår civilisation. Men Europa ter sig försvarslöst, då européns naturliga instinkt försvagats.

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riktmärke eller referenspunkt i debatten. Dworkin gav den namnet ”jämlikhet i välfärd” (equality of welfare). Ordet ”välfärd” beteck-. 42. free--not equal, but with an equal entitlement to all the resources of the planet. College courses by Ronald Dworkin and Michael Sandel, as well as lectures  European Institute for Gender Equality.

RONALD DWORKIN What is Equality? Part 2: Equality of Resources I. THE AUCTION In Part i of this essay we considered the claims of equality of welfare as an interpretation of treating people as equals. In Part 2 we shall consider the competing claims of equality of resources.

2 Sep 2017 Against Dworkin, Cohen (1989, 1993, 2004) argues that welfare is a concern for distributive justice and that Dworkin's equality of resources 

Vad är några problem med "liberal equality" systemet? equality of resources" (Dworkin 1981b: 284).

Dworkin equality of resources

This book tries to take seriously the possibility of extending equality of resources globally despite Dworkin himself, and to explain why his interpretive methodology 

New York: Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia Uni-. Why Americans hate welfare. nizing his/her fundamental human equality and dignity.” behandlas med lika respekt och omtanke (Dworkin 1977:182–183).

Envy and the auction. The auction is a way of arriving at bundles of resources that satisfy this test. The idea is that Luck and insurance. I got into a Dworkin's discussion on equality comes in two parts. In the first (Dworkin, 1981a) he discusses equality of welfare (in the sense of "equal utilities") and compares this to the idea of equality of resources. In the end he concludes that: ". .
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Dworkin equality of resources

Internal vs. While the Finnish studies focused on equality issues through cases and social innovations, the between them, and that sufficient resources have to be allocated if schools of music and performing arts In M. S. Dworkin (ed.)  the lovely equality which the poor enjoy with the rich, in his own country (…) necessary resources for a more adequate elementary school for the commoners is Dworkin. New York: Bureau of Publications, Teachers College, Columbia Uni-.

Summary This chapter contains section titled: I Welfarist and Resourcist Egalitarianism II Resource Egalitarianism and Procreation III Equality of Fortune IV Procreation and the Appeal to Fairness Ronald Dworkin’s account of distributive justice, equality of resources, is among the most powerful statements we have of the contemporary liberal democratic ideal of economic justice.1 It describes a thoroughly decent and humane view of social and economic relations among equals.2 In many Dworkin actually explains his equality of resources factors as envy test and auction by constructing a procedure in a story called ‘desert island’ where the shipwreck survivors ended up landing on the desert island, the place with the abundance of resources and with no native population.
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If you take both these ideas seriously, you will be driven, so Dworkin argues, to demand equality of resources. This ideal is the core of the book, and he defends  

Dworkin insists that a market, to be fair, must start from a position of equality of resources: "Of course it is sovereign in this . . . connection between the market and equality of resources, that people enter the market on equal terms" (p.70).